Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is LOVE

If you can admit all his bad with just a nod
And stay without reminding it again & again

If you can forgive him at any cost

Even if that is the only unforgivable thing
If you can sacrifice your life to save his
Knowing that its worth than yours

If you can mean it by saying I love you

With your true heart and soul

If you can guide him through example

That he is the light in your life

If you can be his shadow where ever he go

Even it’s the new moon day

If you can be a mom, a sis, a daughter
When it’s the right time to be

If you can think of his soul as yours

And hide all your sorrow to make him happy

You are unique and rare

You are truly belongs to him

You are none other than

The greatest lover a man can get


  1. නැත ලොවේ අන් රසඳුනා...
    ආදරය සේ සුවදෙනා...

    නවකයාණෙනි..ඔබට සුභ පැතුම්.